Enclosure for the computer

Almost a year after finishing the PCB for the computer and a lot of hours of programming it, I saw a need for an enclosure. Mostly because it would be easier to connect all the cables and to turn it on and off, but also because my precious computer would be protected. I thought first that it would be a huge project that seemed far away, but after some research my perception of it shrank. I found a company called Protocase (protocase.com), which makes it really easy to design and order enclosures online. I spent a week on designing and measuring and after a month I got the enclosure by the mail. The result was amazing and it turns the Calculon/80 into a “real” computer and not just a PCB.

I put a cutout of the Calculon logotype on the top which I then placed an LCD behind to make it shine in a blue color. The LCD backlight can be controlled via an I/O pin from software. I had the idea of putting another logotype on the front as well so I ordered chrome-plated nickel stickers for the textual logotype on Alibaba. When they arrived I was very pleased, but once I put it on the front, it was almost impossible to read what it said. I think I have to create a logotype which is thicker and not as reflective as this one.

Top logo with LCD

Top logo with LCD

LCD mounted behind Calculon/80 logotype in top lid

LCD mounted behind logotype

PCB and HDD mounted in the enclosure

PCB and HDD mounted

Cover on and Calculon/80 logotype light up

Blue logotype

Calculon/80 front with logotype

Front with logotype

PCB mounted in the enclosure

PCB mounted

Backpanel of the Calculon/80


The power switch on the front lights up when on

Power switch